Our History

We take pride in our journey, which began over a decade ago, as we established roots in more than a hundred communities throughout Australia. Our online stores are conveniently situated in both metropolitan and regional areas across the country.

Magdasmall is committed to offering its customers a wide range of products from fashionable women's, men's, and children's clothing to underwear, footwear, cosmetics, and accessories. Our collection also includes the latest designs in homewares, such as manchester, bed linen, electrical appliances, and decor, as well as a comprehensive range of toys, games, and entertainment options.

The story of Magdasmall traces back to 2007 when we immigrated from South Africa to Australia, driven by the desire to provide our children with a brighter future. As an entrepreneur since the early 1990s in South Africa, I ventured into the online retail space in 2019 with a 24/7 store, following the establishment of my small business, "Natural Essences" in 2013. We initially operated from home, where I crafted health and beauty products alongside a collection of aromatherapy items sourced from trusted suppliers. These products were sold within various communities on weekends, focusing primarily on bath bombs and aromatherapy goods.

After acquiring the original business, I expanded its retail footprint from its Melbourne-based market community to a global online presence.

By 2019, "Natural Essences" had garnered a loyal following across Melbourne. Recognizing the potential for further growth, we rebranded the business, giving rise to Magdasmall.

In 2019, the transformation into Magdasmall was complete, merging Natural Essences into a 24/7 online store. This transition allowed us to extend our product range of top-quality products and service to communities nationwide, and worldwide, including items such as eBooks and Reborn Dolls.

Magdasmall now serves communities across Australia and worldwide, sourcing directly from reliable suppliers in Australia to offer a diverse range of products, ensuring our customers have access to the latest in fashion, homewares, and entertainment.